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Custom Design & In-Store Repair

Décotage offers you a full jewelry restringing/repair service. We can restring all kinds of beaded
jewelry on professional beading wire, re-wrap that dangle that keeps falling off, or re-knot your treasured pearls on
very special silk. Some of these repairs are very simple and can be carried out instantly. Others, like pearl knotting, will
take a bit longer and will need to be left with us so it is completed with the highest quality. Most r
epairs left with us will generally take around one week to complete.

Prices will be confirmed after
assessing required repairs. On the spot repairs often cost only the price of your replacement parts!

General pricing for most repairs is
as follows:

Prices per strand:
Bracelet – $8.00 + materials
Necklace up to 18 inches – $16.00 + materials
over 18 inches, add $1.00 per inch for each additional inch over 18


Over 36 inches – Quote


Knotting Prices per Strand:
Up to 18 inches
– $30 + materials. Silk included.
Over 18 inches, add $1.00 per inch for each additional inch over 18. Silk Included

Over 36 inches – Quote.

Wrapping Prices:
$2.50 per wrap/per inch + materials


Should you wish not to repair your jewelry,
it is possible to use the components in a complete redesign. We are happy to let you know what’s possible!
design fees are based upon the work performed. Our staff will be happy give you estimated time & materials in a written

 Whether you’re planning a wedding,
need “that special look” for a night out, or you’d like to treat a close friend to a great gift, the talented designers
on our staff are happy to assist you in the design and the swift creation or repair of that beautiful piece of jewelry.
If you would like a private consultation, please contact us at either store. Please drop by anytime and we’ll get right on

Due to insurance regulations, we are unable to perform repairs on any item with a stated value
over over $250.00 or Amber jewelry – under any circumstances.